Flag of Mali

Flag of Mali

République du Mali


  • Population » 18.5 million
  • Major languages »  Bambara, Bobo, Berber, Dogon, Minianka
    • As of July 2023, French is no longer recognized as an official language
    • Mali has some 70 local languages spoken in the country and some of them, including Bambara, Bobo, Dogon, and Minianka, were granted national language status under a 1982 decree.
  • Religions » Islam, indigenous beliefs
  • Life expectancy » 57 years (men), 84 years (women)
  • Currency » Central African CFA Franc BEAC (XAF)
    • CFA Franc (West XOF) = 100 Centimes
  • Electricity » 220 Volt / 50 Hertz AC
Map with location of Mali in West Africa (Source » Wikimedia)

Map with location of Mali in West Africa (Source » Wikimedia)




  • Great Mosque of Djenné » a large brick or adobe building in the Sudano-Sahelian architectural style. The mosque is located in the city of Djenné, on the flood plain of the Bani River.


  • Much of Mali is a war zone and off limits (current as of 2023)

Foreign Embassies in Mali

  • Canadian Embassy, Bamako (also responsible for Australia) » +223 20 21 2236
  • South African Embassy, Bamako » +223 20 29 2925
  • UK Embassy, Bamako » +223 2021 3412
  • US Embassy, Bamako » +223 20 70 2300
Map of Mali (Source » France, April 2023)

Map of Mali (Source » France, April 2023)

Safety and Security

Government Travel Advice for Mali

  • Avoid all travel to Mali (including the capital, Bamako) Violent crime, such as kidnapping and armed robbery, is common in Mali. Violent crime is a particular concern during local holidays and seasonal events in Bamako, the capital, its suburbs, and Mali’s southern regions.


  • Canada
    • If the security situation in Mali deteriorates, the ability of the Embassy of Canada to Mali in Bamako to provide consular services may be limited.
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • UK
  • USA (Map)
    • Do not travel to Mali due to crime, terrorism, and kidnapping.




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