Flag of C么te d'Ivoire

Flag of C么te d’Ivoire

R茅publique de C么te d’Ivoire

    • Republic of C么te d’Ivoire (English)
    • aka Ivory Coast
  • Political capital 禄 Yamoussoukro
  • Economic capital and largest city is the port city of Abidjan


  • Population 禄 23.7 million
  • Languages 禄 French, indigenous languages
  • Religions 禄 Islam, Christianity, indigenous beliefs
  • Life expectancy 禄 52 years (men), 55 years (women)
  • Currency 禄 CFA (Communaute Financiere Africaine) franc
    • Note 禄 If heading south, consider withdrawing additional CFA as it is also the currency in Togo (and importantly, not in Ghana) and sometimes difficult to get there. When arriving at border crossing with Togo border, to purchase a visa on arrival in CFA.


  • Country in West Africa
  • Area 禄 322,462 sq km (124,503 sq miles)
  • Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Ghana, and Liberia.
  • Terrain 禄 Forested, undulating, hilly in the west.
Map of C么te d鈥橧voire

Map of C么te d鈥橧voire (Source 禄 France)



  • Tropical, semiarid in far north.



Overland and Road Safety

  • New initiatives are strengthening road safety laws and creating a traffic police force.
  • Following several fatal accidents in the north of the country, the Government decided in 2021 to enforce helmet wearing for all cyclists.

Government Travel Advice


  • Since it’s independence in 1960, C么te d’Ivoire has maintained close ties with France.




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