Flag of Romania

Flag of Romania

  • Officially » România
    • Romania (English)
  • Capital » Bucharest


  • Population » 21.4 million
  • Language » Romanian
  • Religion » Christianity
  • Life expectancy » 71 years (men), 78 years (women)
  • Member of the European Union since 2007
  • Currency » Romanian Leu


Map of Romania (Souce » France, June 2021)

Map of Romania (Souce » France, June 2021)



  • The largest of the Balkan countries


  • Canadians do not require a visa for stays up to 90 days within any 180-day period
  • European Union country not in the Schengen Area.
    • Romania is currently in the application process of joining the Schengen area 
    • Many long-term travellers head to Romania (and other Balkan countries) after spending the maximum allowed 90-days in the Schengen Area.
    • Romania, along with Bulgaria and Croatia, are likely to become members of the Schengen Agreement, as the European Commission aims to make the Schengen area stronger and more sustainable. (Source, June 2021)
  • Known for the forested region of Transylvania (See Overland for road trip suggestion)
  • Romania has dramatic mountain scenery and a coastline on the Black Sea.
  • Lots of great hikes and historic sites, and most everything is inexpensive.
  • Travel Romania


  • Though Romania and Ukraine share a long border, there is no crossing near the Black sea. The shortest path is through Moldova and the district of Transnistria.
  • Transylvania » “This is a wonderfully underrated road-trip destination. From Bucharest, take Road 1 towards the Carpathian mountains, to the well-preserved medieval towns of Braşov and Sighişoara. On the way, you’ll often be surrounded by dense, dark woodland and craggy peaks, where there are bears and wolves, and pass the time spotting castles and horse and carts. In Zărneşti, we stayed at Pensiunea Hora cu Brazi near Piatra Craiului national park and enjoyed a slower pace of life, sitting in the farm’s garden and enjoying the homemade and traditional food, wine and spirits.” Sam Wallis via The Guardian

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