Flag of Croatia

Flag of Croatia

  • Officially » Republika Hrvatska
    • Republic of Croatia (English)
  • Capital » Zagreb
    • and largest city


  • Population » 4.4 million
  • Language » Croatian
  • Religion » Christianity
  • Life expectancy » 74 years (men), 80 years (women)
  • Currency » kuna
  • Member of the EU since 2013
  • International Calling Code » +385


Map of Croatia (Source » France, June 2021)

Map of Croatia (Source » France, June 2021)



  • Croatia is a member of the European Union
  • January 1st, 2023, Croatia is a member of the Schengen area.
    • Land and sea border controls with Slovenia, Hungary and Italy were removed.
    • External borders with Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina and Montenegro have became the external Schengen border.
  • Canadians do not require a visa for stays up to 90 days
  • Croatia is a very popular as a tourist destination with Europeans
  • The country offers a long coastline with over a thousand islands along its coast at the Adriatic Sea
  • A country of striking natural beauty with a stunning Adriatic coastline
  • The amphitheatre of Pula is the only Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers and all three levels preserved


  • Drive » Right Side

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  • NATO member

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