Updated June 1, 2019 to add link to his latest video.

In May 2014, Iohan Gueorguiev (website – YouTubeTwitterInstagram) started cycling from the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk, in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The plan was to cycle to the tip of South America in a year, maybe a few more months.

Five years later, in May 2019, Iohan has reached Patagonia in Chile.

As I write this, Iohan hopes to reach Ushuaia, Argentina, at the southern tip of South America in a few months. After that he plans to continue carrying the Canadian and the Bulgarian flag into Europe as he continues his cycling adventure around the world.

It’s amazing what one person, on a bike, travelling with so little, in weather extremes that drop to -30 degrees, across vast distances between human settlements, relying only on human power, can accomplish.

Iohan has been documenting this journey with wonderful videos. I’ll update this post as he uploads new videos.

  1. Canada’s Arctic

  2. Alaska

  3. Great Divide in Winter

  4. National Parks

  5. Where the mountains go

  6. Copper Canyon and The Backroads of Mexico

  7. Chasing Volcanoes

  8. Guatemala, El Salvador

  9. Nicaragua

  10. Costa Rica

  11. Panama

  12. Where The Hell is Kemano?

  13. The Wild and Beauty of the North (Canol Heritage Trail)

  14. Paddling The Darien Gap

  15. Colombia: Dirt Road Warriors

  16. The Great Escape from Oman

  17. Morocco: The High Atlas

  18. Colombia: The Paramo and The Plains

  19. The Colombian Andes

  20. The Magic of Colombia

  21. Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route 1

  22. Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route 2

  23. Peru, of mines and Mountains

  24. Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash

  25. Peru: Ausangate

  26. Peru: Las Tres Cordilleras

  27. My way or the highway

  28. The Sand and the salt of Bolivia

  29. La Ruta de los Seis Miles

  30. The Great Escape from the Puna

  31. Bike Packing Chile – The Way to the Moon
  32. Bikepacking and Packrafting in Chile, Gear Review & Bike Setup and Q&A