Flag of Burundi (Source » Wikimedia)

Flag of Burundi (Source » Wikimedia)

Republic of Burundi


  • Population » 12.5 million (est 2022)
  • 50 years life expectancy for men and women
  • Currency » Burundian franc
Map of Burundi (Source » Wikimedia)

Map of Burundi (Source » Wikimedia)



  • Very little tourism infrastructure
  • No UNESCO sites listed (2023)


  • Driving on the Right


  • One of the world’s poorest nations
    • 1.8 million people need humanitarian aid
  • There is an international concern about the freedom of the press in Burundi.
    • The BBC and Voice of America have been banned from transmissions (2019).


  • Burundi announces first polio outbreak in more than 30 years (UN, March 2023)

Safety and Security

Risk to travellers is very high in Burundi due to the unpredictable security situation, potential for violent civil unrest, threat of terrorism, and violent crime. International airports and land borders could be subject to closure with little warning.

Risks to travellers in Burundi

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