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10 great long-distance cycle routes in Europe

There are others. These were suggested by readers of The Guardian.

  1. Passau, Germany, to Vienna, Austria.
  2. The pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome.
  3. The River Loire, France.
  4. The Romantic Road, southern Germany.
  5. From Rotterdam, take the Eurovelo 2cycle trail, also called the Capitals Route, across the Netherlands and Germany to Berlin, then on to Moscow if you wish.
  6. Gospić to Karlobag, along the Croatian seaside.
  7. The Amalfi coast, in Italy.
  8.  Milan to Sanremo, 200 km leg of the The Giro d’Italia.
  9. From Dieppe to Paris in the French countryside.
  10. Baie de Somme, Picardie, France.

More at The Guardian

Meet B’yauling Toni, the 17 year old Canadian who is cycling 31,000 km around the world

B’yauling Toni’s goal is to be the youngest person to cycle around the world.

The Guardian’s suggestions for the best adventure travel challenges of the year

Here are some of The Guardian’s suggestions for the best adventure travel challenges for 2018:

  • Mongolian cycling adventure
  • Swimming the Greek Cyclades
  • Hiking weekend, Bulgaria
  • Azores Trail Run
  • Vätternrundan Bike Race, Sweden
  • SUP tour, Cuba
  • Cycling in Umbria, Italy
  • Great Wall of China trek

Check the article for the other suggestions.

The Telegraph has 25 suggestions for life-changing solo holidays

Heading out on a solo adventure can be one of the most rewarding travel experiences. It also comes with unique challenges.  Anna McNuff, Trisha Andres, Emma Thomson, Lois Pryce, and Richard Madden, writing for The Telegraph have put together a list of holidays the intrepid traveller can do alone. Some of the more adventurous include:

  • A multi- day hike through Bolivia, starting from the sprawling city of La Paz
  • Head off in search of the Northern Lights and explore the wilderness of Finland
  • Pedal through the Swiss and Italian Alps
  • Horseback riding in Argentina at Estancia La Rosita in northern Argentina
  • Meet the tribes of Papua New Guinea
  • Dog-sledding across frozen lakes in northern Finland
  • Survival skills in the African bush
  • Learn to dive in Zanzibar

Watch: The Last Hill (until the next one)

Wonderful upbeat short film brought to us by the good folks at Patagonia. Searching for an honest adventure, a small group of skiers and snowboarders travel south from Reno, Nevada by bicycles loaded down with ski and camp gear. Problem is they are not very good cyclists. But they never give up and keep their sights on Mt. Whitney and the endless backcountry ski terrain. These off-the-couch bikers hilariously struggle to keep both wheels moving along the iconic Highway 395 from a new angle: the Sierra saddle vista.

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