Flag of Suriname

Flag of Suriname

Republic of Suriname


  • Population » 529,000
  • Major languages » Dutch (official), English, Sranang Tongo, Hindi, Javanese
  • Major religions » Hinduism, Islam, Christianity
  • Life expectancy » 68 years (men), 74 years (women)
  • Currency » Suriname dollar (SRD)
  • Internet domain » .sr
  • International dialing code » +597
  • Emergencies » 115


  • Area » 163,265 sq km (63,037 sq miles)
Map of Suriname

Map of Suriname



  • No visa is required. Canadians in possession of a regular passport must apply for a tourist card. It is valid for single entry and expires after 90 days.
  • Apply online to obtain the tourist card prior to your arrival in Suriname.
  • Suriname e-tourist card
  • Suriname e-visa
  • After 30 days in Suriname, all foreigners are required to report within one week to the police services of the Immigration Section to obtain an extension-of-stay stamp.
  • Surinam Tourism Foundation
    • Paramaribo, Suriname
    • +597 42 4878
    • info@surinametourism.sr


  • Suriname’s main tourist attraction are its vast natural lands
  • Almost a third of the country being declared national reserves


  • Drives on the left side of the road.
  • There are many speed bumps which are signed as drempel.
  • French Guiana to Suriname by car is possible
    • small ferry between Albina (Suriname) and St. Laurent (French Guiana)
  • Suriname has road access to Guyana.
  • There are no roads linking Brazil and Suriname.


  • To enter Suriname there’s no official requirement for any vaccination
    • Yellow fever vaccination is recommended (as it is required to get into Brazil afterwards!)
    • Tetanus-diphtheria vaccination is recommended.
    • Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended.
  • Take precautions against malaria, and dengue (spread by mosquitoes)


  • The smallest independent state in South America.
  • Suriname, once known as Dutch Guiana, enjoys a relatively high standard of living but also faces serious political and economic challenges.
  • Suriname has potential to increase tourism, boasting rain forests, abundant wildlife, and colonial architecture. However, the sector remains undeveloped, hampered by the inaccessibility of the interior and the lack of infrastructure.
  • Suriname depends heavily on mining and processing its declining reserves.
    • Main exports: Bauxite, alumina, aluminum, crude oil, timber, shrimp and fish, rice, bananas
  •  Suriname and neighbouring Guyana have been engaged in a long-running territorial dispute over a potentially oil-rich offshore area.




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