Flag of Louisiana

Flag of Louisiana

  • Capital City » Baton Rouge
  • Largest City » New Orleans


  • Population » 4.6 million people
  • Median Household Income » US$49,973 (Rank 47th)


  • Area » 135,382 km2 (52,069.13 sq mi) (Ranked 31st largest US State)

Safety and Security

  • Louisiana has the highest murder rate in the USA with a homicide rate of 22.9 per 100,000 people.
    • The second highest murder rate in the USA is Missouri, with a murder rate of 18 murders per 100,000.
  • In 2018, Louisiana was ranked as the least healthy state in the country, with high levels of drug-related deaths. It also has had the highest homicide rate in the United States since at least the 1990s. (Source » Wikipedia)