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Watch Noraly from ItchyBoots.com Ride through Thailand as She Makes Her Way Around The World on a Royal Enfield Himalayan

In the previous post about Noraly from ItchyBoots.com we followed her quick ride through Myanmar. With this series of videos we follow her through Thailand.

Ep. 21 – Crossing into Thailand

Ep. 22 – Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai

Ep. 23 – Chiang Mai to Pai

Ep. 24 – Off-roading with a Royal Enfield in Thailand

Ep. 25 – Riding to Sukhothai

Ep. 26 – Riding to Khao Yai National Park

Ep. 27 – Riding through Khao Yai National Park and onto Ayyuthaya

Ep. 28 – Onto Bangkok to fit some new parts to the bike

Ep. 29 – Bangkok to South Thailand

Ep. 30 – Catch the ferry to Koh Samui

Ep. 31 – Around the island of Koh Samui, and onto Khao Sok National Park

Ep. 32 – Khao Sok to Krabi

Ep. 33 – Krabi to Hat Yai

Onto Malaysia …

China will be the world’s top tourist destination by 2030

Chinese authorities have recognized that tourism is a key pillar of their economy, and they continue to invest heavily to improve infrastructure and standards, in addition to opening up the country with increasingly tourism-friendly policies and initiatives.

At the World Travel Market in London, Euromonitor International’s Head of Travel Caroline Bremner said: “Destinations like China are poised for a successful performance in inbound tourism, with China set to overtake France as the leading destination worldwide by 2030.”

The report estimates there will be 127 million arrivals in China each year by the end of the next decade, compared to 126 million in France and 116 million in the US.

And as household incomes and standards of living continue to rise, more Chinese are predicted to be travelling overseas in the coming decade than any other nationality.

Read more at World Economic Forum

UNWTO report confirms another record year for tourism, for most

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s 2018 Tourism Highlights, the total number of international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) grew 7 percent from 2016 to 2017.

International tourist arrivals reached a total of 1.323 billion in 2017, some 84 million more than the previous year and a new record. The sector has now seen uninterrupted growth in arrivals for eight straight years.

2017 was the eighth consecutive year of above- average growth in international tourism following the 2009 global economic crisis. The growth in the travel and tourism industry has been fuelled by the global economic upswing, resulting in strong outbound demand.

By region, Europe and Africa saw bigger than average growth of 8 and 9 percent, respectively. By subregion, North Africa and Southern and Mediterranean Europe saw the greatest increases in 2017, reflecting strong demand for destinations along the Mediterranean.

When looking at sheer numbers, Europe continues to lead with almost half of the world’s total international arrivals, at 671 million. Europe was also home to six of the ten most visited countries in 2017, with France remaining in the lead.

Spain overtook the USA for second place as international tourism to the USA was down almost 4%.  Continue reading

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