In the previous post about Noraly from we followed her progress through Thailand. With this series of videos we follow her through Malaysia.

Ep. 34 – Noraly leaves Thailand, crosses into Malaysia and rides to Georgetown, Penang

Ep. 35 – Penang heads for the cool breezes of the Carmon Highlands

Ep. 36 – Noraly has a puncture on her way to Kuala Lumpur through the “thousand corners”

Ep. 37 – The Royal Enfield Himalayan gets a major service in preparation to more adventures

Ep. 38 – Crating (or at least trying to) the Royal Enfield Himalayan
Everything shuts down during Chinese New Year

Ep. 39 – The crating continues

Ep. 40 – Shipping the motorcycle by plane to Oman
But things don’t go as smoothly as Noraly had hoped.

Onto Oman…