South Korea! What everyone knows about South Korea (or correctly called The Republic of Korea) is its caustic neighbor, North Korea. As it turns out, South Korea is a modern and well developed country ranked 22nd in the Human Development Index, the highest in East Asia. In terms of average wage, it has Asiaโ€™s highest and the worldโ€™s 10th highest income. It is the worldโ€™s most research-and-development intensive country and the most innovative as measured by the Bloomberg Innovation Quotient. South Korea is the worldโ€™s fifth largest exporter, driven by high-tech multinationals such as Samsung, Hyundai-Kia and LG. A highly advanced information society, South Korea has the worldโ€™s fastest Internet connection speed! Whatโ€™s not to like about that?

Read more of Gary and Monica Wescottโ€™s overland adventures through South Korea in November and December 2014:

South Korea #1 โ€“ Arrival in Donghae โ€“ Samcheok Beach

South Korea #2 โ€“ DMZ โ€“ UN Memorial Cemetery

South Korea #3 โ€“ Hwaseon Cave & Penis Park

South Korea #4 โ€“ Hahoe Folk Village

South Korea #5 โ€“ Mr. Kim Jong-heung, the famous Wood Carver from Hahoe

South Korea #6 โ€“ Hahoe โ€“ The Mask Dance Drama

South Korea #7 โ€“ Sparking Public Restrooms

South Korea #8 โ€“ Andong โ€“ Bows & Swords

South Korea #9 โ€“ Food

South Korea #10 โ€“ Markets

South Korea #11 – The End of a Great Adventure, Almost