BMW Motorad’s Ride and Talk podcast » #22 Sam Manicom and his spirit of adventure!

Within three months of throwing his leg over a bike for the first time, Sam Manicom set off on an R 80 GS to travel the length of Africa. But when he got to the Cape, he didn’t want the trip to end, so he just kept going. His planned one-year trip turned into an eight-year, 200,000-miles overlanding odyssey across 55 countries.

The four motorcycle travel books that came out of that trip are inspirational; his talks and presentations are truly memorable and his main ambition in life now is to encourage others to explore and learn about the world and themselves. Listen to in this podcast and be inspired!

Sam Manicom, Under the Visor Interview (2015)

Sam Manicom, Under the Visor Interview

Sam Manicom discusses his book Into Africa (2013)

Sam Manicom, motorcycle adventurer and author, discusses Into Africa