• Officially: Republic of Malta
  • Capital: Valletta


  • Population: 436,000 residents
  • Languages: Maltese, English
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 80 years (men), 84 years (women)
  • Member of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Nations
  • Currency: Euro


  • 316 km2 (122 sq miles)
  • The Southern European island country consists of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea
    • Located south of the Italian island of Sicily.


  • Malta signed the Schengen area agreement on 16 April 2003 and started its implementation on 21 December 2007.
  • In tourism terms, it is mostly known for its sun, sea, and beaches.
  • Most alluring destinations for travellers are the ancient wonders as the 5,000 years old Hagar Qim and the 4,000 years old Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.


  • Driving is on the left hand side
  • Ferry services run from Italy to Malta
    • Virtu Ferries operating from Catania and Pozzallo to Valetta
    • Grimaldi sails into Valetta from Genoa, Cagliari, Livorno and Salerno
  • Seat belts are compulsory
  • Speed limits of 80 km/h (50 km/h in built up areas)
  • The sounding of horns is prohibited in built up areas between 11 pm and 6am.