• Officially: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Capital: Luxembourg City


  • Population: 576,000 residents
  • Languages: French, German, Luxembourgish
    • Many of its inhabitants are trilingual
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 78 years (men), 83 years (women)
  • Member of the European Union
  • Currency: Euro


Safety and Security


  • Luxembourg City is one of the three official capitals of the E.U.
  • When ranked by its GDP, Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world
  • It has the highest minimum wage in the EU
  • The motto of the country is ‘mir wëllebleiwewatmirsinn’, which means ‘we want to remain what we are’.


  • It is one of the founding states of the Schengen area agreement, which was signed in 14 June 1985 in the village of Schengen in Luxembourg.


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