Flag of Tajikistan

Flag of Tajikistan

Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон


  • Population » 9 million
  • Languages » Tajik, Uzbek, Russian
  • Religion » Islam
    • The majority of the population follow Sunni Islam. A minority follow Russian Orthodox, Catholicism, and Shia Islam.
  • Life expectancy » 68 years (men), 74 years (women)
  • Currency » Tajik somoni (TJS)


  • Area » 143,100 sq km (55,251 sq miles)
  • Landlocked
  • 93% of the country is considered mountainous
Map of Tajikistan (Source » Wikimedia)

Map of Tajikistan (Source » Wikimedia)



  • The most remote and poorest country in Central Asia, but also perhaps one of the most beautiful.
  • People are friendly.
  • Dushanbe and Khorog have cash machines that take major credit cards and some debit cards.
  • The country relies heavily on hydro power. In the summer months there’s usually no issues with the power supply in the cities. In winter the electrical supply is unreliable.
  • Internet is available in Dushanbe and other cities.
  • Diet is typical of central Asia and consists of rice, meat and bread, and subtly flavoured.
  • Unlike other Islamic countries, Ramadan is not always strictly observed, especially in Dushanbe. However, Ramadan is observed in the rural areas, where you are more likely to experience a situation where food and drinks are not available until sunset.
  • Alcohol is widely available in Tajikistan, a legacy from the Soviet era. Beer, vodka and a local cognac are the most popular. However, alcohol is not consumed in public outside cities.
  • Tajikistan was the only nation to not want independence from the Soviet Union.
  • Tajikistan has struggled with poverty and instability since it became its own state.
    • Tajikistan suffered through a five year civil war after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Since 1997 Tajikistan has remained relatively stable, however there are still tensions between the different clans and ethnic groups.
  • The country remains strongly dependent on Russia, both for its economy and to help counter security problems.


  • Tourist visa is required for Canadians
    • Valid for a 45-day visit within 90 days of issuance from the Tajikistan Visa Electronic Application Center


  • Kyzyl-Art Pass (4,336 meters – 14,226 feet) has a land border crossing with Kyrgyzstan (Google Maps) – Used by the Wescotts in 2014.
  • Pamir Highway
    • Ak-Baital mountain pass at 4655m is the highest point on the Pamir Highway
    • China has provided impoverished Tajikistan a fresh grant worth almost $204 million to continue work overhauling roads linking the centre of the country to its high-altitude Pamirs region in the east. But The grant comes with strings attached. Chinese companies will get all the contracts to do the work. (Source)
  • Resource for the Silk Road including the Pamir Highway» Caravanistan


  • The Pamir Trail
    • A work in progress but well worth supporting.
    • The website has maps, route descriptions, and other info.

Recommended Places To Stay

  • Pamir Lodge in Khorog


  • The lower parts of Tajikistan, where most of the population lives and the larger cities are located have an arid climate with cold winters and baking hot summers.
  • In the mountainous regions, winter it’s bitterly cold with high levels of snow fall that isolate certain regions from the rest of the country. Even in the summer it can get chilly when at altitude, especially at night.
Map of Tajikistan (Source » France)

Map of Tajikistan (Source » France)

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