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Watch Noraly from ItchyBoots.com on her Quick Ride through the Turkmenistan as She Makes Her Way Around The World on a Royal Enfield Himalayan

We last saw Noraly in Iran.

Find out why Noraly needs to flashes through Turkmenistan.

Ep. 65 – Noraly picks up her visa for Turkmenistan in Mashad and heads for the border

Ep. 66 – Noraly visits Darvasa and the Gateway to Hell

Ep. 67 – Noraly heads to the Uzbekistan border

Onto Uzbekistan…

The Turtle Expedition – Turkmenistan

Follow Gary and Monika Wescott as they drive through Turkmenistan on their quest for the Pacific Ocean via the Silk Road in 2014.

The Door to Hell

Okay, we were now driving in Turkmenistan. Oh Boy! It had been a long night and a long frustrating day. Since our five-day transit visa had already expired we were essentially driving in the country illegally. We knew that fuel in Turkmenistan was a dollar a gallon. Even though we had to pay $100 fuel surcharge, we had arrived with empty tanks. After a quick drive around town to change money we found the only gas station had run out of diesel. Thinking there must be other stations outside of town, we headed for Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, some 324 miles away.

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