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Oskar Speck, the man who paddled a kayak from Germany to Australia starting in 1932, and Sandy Robson, the woman who recreated the adventure some 80 years later

Justin Housman, writing in The Adventure Journal »

In a span of seven years, he paddled a series of 15-foot kayaks more than 30,000 miles from the Danube River in Europe to the tropical shores of far northern Australia. Even better, when he first set out, he was “merely” planning to paddle to Cyprus for work, with no intention of traveling by kayak to the other side of the world. But the paddling proved irresistible and Speck did not stop once he reached Cyprus.


Speck was 25 years old when he set out on his incredible journey. He was an unemployed electrician living in Hamburg. Work was scarce and prospects were dim after the 1929 stock market crash ripped through Germany, so Speck decided to seek work in the copper mines of Cyprus. With no other means to get there, and as a proud member of a kayaking club since his youth, Speck decided to paddle his way to, hopefully, a job.

In May, 1932, Speck shoved off from banks of the Danube in a collapsible and very much not seaworthy 15-foot kayak, and began paddling south. He arrived in the Balkans several weeks later and, lulled to boredom by the languid waters of the Danube, Speck made for the Vardar River, where soon fierce rapids dashed his boat nearly to splinters. While awaiting repairs, winter set in and the Vardar froze over, locking Speck in place for months.

Read the whole article in The Adventure Journal »

In November 2016, Western Australian woman Sandy Robson (aged 48), recreated Speck’s adventure, completed in some 5 years, having visited 20 countries and paddled some 23,000 kilometres.

Watch Noraly from as She Rides through India at the Start of Her Ride Around The World on a Royal Enfield Himalayan

Noraly is a 30-something, upbeat Dutch woman, who has set her sights on riding her 2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan around the world. Solo.

She started this adventure in India. Follow her as she posts videos regularly. I’ll try to keep up and update this post as Noraly releases her videos.


Noraly at Sunrise at Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow

Watch Ep. 1 – Delhi to Mathura
Noraly begins her RTW journey.

Watch Ep. 2 – Mathura to Lucknow

Watch Ep. 3 – Lucknow to Varanasi
Read about the ride to the holy city of Varanasi to attend a Ganga Aarti on Noraly’s blog

Watch Ep. 4 – Varanasi to Bodhgaya
Noraly battles sacred cows and others for the roads

Watch Ep. 5 – Bodhgaya to Vaishali
Noraly does a bit of bike maintenance once she arrives in Vaishali

Watch Ep. 6 – Vaishali to Darjeeling
Noraly goes in search of mountains and clean fresh air.

Watch Ep. 7 – Side trip to Sikkim

Watch Ep. 8 – Darjeeling to Cooch Bihar
Noraly heads east

Watch Ep. 9 – Cooch Bihar to Tura
Noraly got beached on her way to Tura

Watch Ep. 10 – Tura to Shillong
In search of a Royal Enfield mechanic.

Watch Ep. 11 – Shillong to Cherrapunjee, and back go Shillong
Read how Noraly got Lost in the Jungle

Watch Ep. 12 – Shilong to Lanka, Assam
Noraly heads to India’s north east. Read about her experience.

Watch Ep. 13 – Lanka to Kohima, Nagaland
fighting dust to get to Kohima

Watch Ep. 14 – Kohima to Imphal
on some of India’s worst roads

Watch Ep. 15 – Imphal to Moreh and into Myanmar 
Noraly’s last day of riding in India.

Onto Myanmar …

Watch: India and Sri Lanka – A journey from north to south

Niklas Siemens writes:

When you think about India, you probably visualize hectic cities, heavy traffic and touristy landmarks. But India is so much more. Let me show you what I experienced on a five-week journey through India and Sri Lanka. From the Himalayan mountains up north to a jungle safari in the south, and even to those surfing hotspots of Sri Lanka. I had the opportunity to see life from the locals perspective.

Australians’ top adventure destinations

The inaugural Intrepid Adventure Index contains current information and research examining topics such as top destinations for Australian travellers, how Aussies define adventure travel, trends in the travel market,  and even a handy infographic on getting bang for your buck around the world.

The top destinations for Australian adventurers:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Peru
  3. India
  4. Cambodia
  5. Morocco
  6. Cuba
  7. Italy
  8. Nepal
  9. Mexico
  10. Ecuador

Read more on the Intrepid site.

First luxury world cruise to stop at all seven continents — including Antarctica

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Amsterdam, the long way around.

Is this the ultimate glam trip? This doesn’t meet my personal definition of adventure, but we all have different comfort levels.

Prices for the 140-day globetrotting trip, scheduled for 2020, on the 382-passenger luxury cruise ship range from £49,000 (US$69,000.) for a basic cabin to £180,000 (US$253,000.) for a stay in the luxurious ‘owner’s suite’. Per passenger.

Daily Mail:

The Silver Whisper ship will set sail on January 6, 2020, from Fort Lauderdale in Florida before heading on to Argentina.

From there, the cruise liner will dip down to the Antarctic Peninsula, so passengers can spend a morning soaking in the other-worldly landscape.

A stop at the world’s coldest continent is currently scheduled for February 5, 2020.

Continuing on its journey, the boat will head on to Chile, Tahiti, Singapore, Mumbai, Rome and Dublin before finally docking in Amsterdam on May 25.

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