Visa Requirements for Countries around the World

Maps and Route Planning




  • Snapseed – Powerful set of tools for better mobile phone photo editing (iOS / Android, free)


  • Signal – Free, secure, encrypted voice calling, video calling and instant messaging app.
    • Alternative: Skype – The granddaddy of all consumer VoIP systems, Skype lets you make and receive calls from anywhere that has a decent internet connection. Premium services let you call real phones as well, or provide a standard phone number for others to call you.
    • Alternative: Google Voice – Lets you make and receive calls and texts from a U.S. based phone number when you’re travelling, often free of charge.

Other Travel Tools

Online Security

  • LastPass – LastPass works with the browsers on your desktop, tablet and phone, and will securely generate and/or save your login information for any website. You only ever need to remember the password for the app itself. (iOS, Android – Yearly subscription for full benefits)
  • Google Authenticator – This two-step verification app provides an ever-changing code that needs to be entered as well as your password. It works offline, and is supported by Google, Facebook, WordPress (Download)

Other useful Tools

  • Pocket – saves web page to read offline at a later
  • Evernote – create and sync notes, web pages, images, sound recordings and more, across devices. (Download, free)