The Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD or Carnet) is an international customs document which allows the temporary admission of motor vehicles into countries that require it. The CPD is a guarantee for payment of customs duties and taxes to a government should your vehicle not be re-exported from that country within a specified time frame. The CPD allows travellers to temporarily import their vehicles without having to leave a cash deposit at the border.

Canadians can obtain a CPD from:

Boomerang Carnets

Corporation for International Business (CIB)
325 North Hough Street, 2nd Floor
Barrington, IL 60010 USA

Carnet HelpLine 1-800-282-2900
Mobile Carnet HelpLine 1-847-638-8325
Fax: 1-847-381-3857

Note about Boomerang – Motivated by business interests, their info about countries requiring a CPD is not accurate.

Email from Boomerang confirms carnets may be obtained while in transit. They are valid for one year. They may be renewed for up toΒ  4 times for a total of 5 years.


Countries that DO NOT require a Carnet:

All countries in North, Central, and South America.

All European countries

Countries that sometimes require a Carnet

Japan – Unless arriving by ferry with the vehicle from South Korea or Russia.

New Zealand – a temporary permit can be obtained upon entry

Turkey – a local document may be purchased at the border in the place of a carnet

Countries that REQUIRE a Carnet

Australia – no longer offer temporary import permits upon entry. Carnet IS required.

Note: List is incomplete and will be adjusted as information is obtained. It may not be up to date due to changes in customs formalities or border procedures.

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