• Officially: Republic of Panama
  • Capital: Panama City


  • Population: 3.6 million
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 74 years (men), 79 years (women)
  • Currency: balboa (US Dollar is often exchanged)


  • Area: 75,517 sq km (29,157 sq miles)
  • At the intersection of North and South America


  • Panama has the largest rain forest in the Western Hemisphere outside the Amazon Basin.
  • Every year more than 15,000 vessels (commercial and private) make the eight-hour journey through the Panama Canal, which makes a substantial contribution to the country’s economy
  • This region was part of Colombia until secession in 1903
  • One of the top 10 countries on Gallop’s Positive Experience Index (2019)

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