• Population: 35 million
  • Major languages: Arabic and Berber (official), French, Spanish
  • Major religion: Islam
  • Life expectancy: 74 years (men), 77 years (women)
  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD)
    • 1 Dirham (MAD) = 100 Centimes
  • Electricity: 220 Volt / 50 Hertz AC


  • Area: 710,850 sq km (274,461 sq miles) (including W Sahara)


  • Morocco is the most popular tourist destination in Africa.
  • Morocco is investing in its port, transportation, and industrial infrastructure to position itself as a centre for business throughout Africa.
  • Many Europeans winter in Morocco.
    • 3 month visas can be extended once, for a maximum of a 6 month stay.
  • Morocco has banned plastic bags


  • Tourism is one of the key sectors of the Moroccan economy.
  • Tourism accounts for about 10 percent of the Moroccan economy and is the kingdom’s second-largest employer, after agriculture.
  • It’s also the main source of foreign currency.


  • On ferry crossing from Spain to Tanger Med port
    • There is always a Moroccan Immigration officer onboard. Immigration clearance is done on the boat. Customs is done in Morocco.


  • Morocco is considered generally safer than other North African countries, however there are times of unrest.
  • There is a much terrorism along southern border with Western Sahara and this region should be considered very dangerous.
  • Hustlers can be a problem throughout Morocco, especially in Tangier.
  • There are often reports of corruption, thefts, and break-ins.
  • Tourists are often obliged to pay an “anti-terrorist” tax of €90, although it is not known if this is an official charge.
  • Homosexuality remains criminalized and is punishable with a prison term in both Morocco and Western Sahara.

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