Republic of Cameroon


  • Population: 23.5 million
  • Languages: French, English, languages of Bantu, Semi-Bantu and Sudanic groups
  • Major religions: Christianity, Islam, indigenous beliefs
  • Life expectancy: 56 years (men), 59 years (women)
  • Currency: Communautรฉ Financiรจre Africaine (BCEAO), Franc (XOF – CFA)


  • Area 475,442 sq km (183,568 sq miles)

Safety and Security

Risk to travellers is very high, particularly in the north region due to threats from terrorism, kidnapping and armed banditry.ย Risks also high in the Bakassi peninsula region and within 40 kilometres of the borders with the Central African Republic, Chad and Nigeriaโ€™s Adamawa state. Armed bandits are known to operate in these areas and there is the potential for cross border attacks and kidnappings.

Risks to travellers in Cameroon – Source: UK Gov

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