• Officially:ย Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Capital: Thimphu
    • Also the largest city in the country


  • Population: 750,000
    • The second least populated country in South Asia right after the Maldives.
  • Major language: Dzongkha
  • Major religions: Buddhism (official), Hinduism
  • Life expectancy: 66 years (men), 70 years (women)
  • Currency: ngultrum
    • Known as “nu”
    • 1 nu = 1 Indian Rupee
    • Indian rupees are generally accepted in Bhutan, in denomination smaller than 500 Rs.


  • Area: 38,364 sq km (14,812 sq miles)
  • Landlocked country bordered by China and India
  • Currently, Bhutan has a disputed boundary with China


  • Bhutan wasย never colonized
  • Bhutan charges foreign nationals (with the exception of Indian citizens) a $200 to $250 daily fee to visit. The price varies based on the tourist season.


  • Unless youโ€™re from India, the Maldives, or Bangladesh, you need to be on a tour or with a guide.
  • Canadians must obtain a visa by purchasing a travel package from an authorized travel agent before departure.
  • Tourism Council of Bhutan


  • Land border crossing
    • Samdrupjonkhar
    • Gelephu – Not normally used by tourists

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