• Population: 126.4 million
    • More than three quarters of the population live in sprawling cities on the coastal fringes of Japan’s four mountainous, heavily-wooded islands.
  • Life expectancy: 81 years (men), 87 years (women)
    • The Japanese have one of the highest life expediencies.
    • Okinawa, often called โ€˜the land of immortalsโ€™, has been a global centre for longevity research, as these southern Japanese islands have more than 400 centenarians.
  • Language: Japanese
  • Major religions: Shintoism, Buddhism
  • Currency:ย Japanese Yen (JPY)


  • Area: 377,864 sq km (145,894 sq miles)
  • There are 6,852 islands in the Japanese archipelago
    • Only 430 of the islands are inhabited.
    • 97% live on just 4 islands: Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Hokkaido
    • 80% (104 million) live on Honshu
      • Home to countryโ€™s major cities and cultural sites
      • Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, Mount Fuji are located on Honshu
    • Close to half of the Japanese population is packed into just 17% of the land area!
      • Meaning there are many open and natural areas outside the cities.


  • Japan has the world’s third-largest economy.


  • Canadians do not require tourist visa for stays up to a maximum of 90 days
    • Overstaying the 90-day tourist visa-free limit or any other visa time limit is a criminal offence.


  • Drive on the left side
  • Drivers using phones while driving could face steeper fines and six-month jail terms.
  • Ferry connections between Japan, South Korea, and Russia means no containers to worry about
    • Ferry between Busan, South Korea and Fukuoka, island of Kyushu, Japan
    • Vladivostok, Russia via South Korea
    • When you ship your car by container to Japan, a Carnet de Passage may be required
      • If you enter by ferry with your vehicle (from South Korea and Russia), there is a special exception that will allow temporary import without a carnet (Customs Form C 5014).
      • Shipping by freight (sea or air), you will most likely require a Carnet.
    • When ferrying from Japan or South Korea to Russia, use DBS Ferry
  • Vehicles registered in Germany, Slovenia, Monaco, and Switzerland are not permitted in Japan (Rouletout)
    • “Due to the ratification of different conventions on the road traffic, Japanese authorities donโ€™t accept vehicle registrations from Germany, Switzerland, Monaco or Slovenia. Therefore, it is possible that the temporary importation will be refused even if you have a Carnet de Passages.” Source: ADAC 2020.08.01

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