• Officially: The Republic of Armenia
  • Capital: Yerevan


  • Population: 3.0 million (2018)
    • Less than 15 years old: 20.0%
    • More than 65 years old: 11.2%
  • Major languages: Armenian, Russian
  • Major religion: Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 71 years (men), 78 years (women)
  • Main exports: Diamonds, machinery, foodstuffs


  • Located in Eastern Europe.
    • Many consider Armenia to be part of Asia.
  • Area: 29,743 sq km (11,484 sq miles)
  • A landlocked country with Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, and Azerbaijan to the east.


  • An ancient, millennia-old civilization amidst stark mountain landscapes and remote canyons
  • Home to amazing world heritage sites and monasteries
  • A wonderfully laid back and friendly culture


  • Canadians require a visa to visit Armenia (2019)
    • Citizens from many other countries do not require a visa.
    • E-visa from Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Yerevan – Armenia’s capital
    • Caucasus region’s most laid-back city
    • Great places to eat
    • The country’s principal attractions
  • Khor Virap – The most photographed place in Armenia
  • Lake Sevan – A beautiful mountain lake


  • The land border between Georgia and Armenia is open. (2019)
    • ! The land border between Azerbaijan and Armenia is closed. (2019)
    • ! The land border between Turkey and Armenia is closed. (2019)
  • Must purchase vehicle insurance for Armenia.

Safety and Security

Note: Canada maintains consular offices in Yerevan, serviced from Moscow. Many other countries do not have an embassy or consular staff in Armenia.