Flag of Sierra Leone

Flag of Sierra Leone

  • Officially: Republic of Sierra Leone
  • Capital: Freetown (~ 1 million)


  • Population » 7.4 million
  • Languages » English, Krio (Creole language derived from English), Temne, Mende and other West African languages
  • Religions » Islam, Christianity
  • Life expectancy » 51 years (men), 52 years (women)
  • Currency »


  • Area » 71,740 sq km (27,699 sq miles)
  • Located in West Africa
  • Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the southwest, Liberia to the southeast and Guinea to the northeast.
  • The landscape offers a flat coastal belt, the eastern half is covered by hills and high mountains, part of the Guinea highlands.
    • Mount Bintumani (1,948 m (6,391 ft)) within the Loma mountains in Koinadugu (Northern Province) is the highest peak in the country.
    • Main rivers are the Tai river, the Sewa (Sew), and the Moa River.


  • Sierra Leone is sometimes described as a diamond in the rough
    • The country is rich in diamonds and other minerals
      • These diamonds have been connected to illegal trade and the financing of terrorist organisations
  • Sierra Leone gained independence in 1961, yet is the poorest nation in the Commonwealth.
  • History tied to Nova Scotia.


  • Sierra Leone has a tropical climate with two seasons
    • The rainy season from May to November
    • The dry season from December to May
Map of Sierra Leone (Source » ReliefWeb)

Map of Sierra Leone (Source » ReliefWeb)



  • Drive » Right side
  • Other than the main roads, from Freetown to Makeni or to Bo, roads are in poor condition and rarely paved outside Freetown.
  • Services outside Freetown are limited.
  • Road conditions deteriorate significantly during the rainy season.

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