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Ten hottest places on Earth

Hottest places on Earth, based on the highest average monthly temperature

  • Death Valley, California (39°C / 101°F in July)
  • Iranshahr, Iran (38.3°C / 100.9°F in June)
  • Ouallene, Algeria (38°C / 100.4°F in July)
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait (37.7°C / 100°F in July)
  • Medina, Saudi Arabia (36°C / 97°F in July)
  • Buckeye, Arizona (34°C / 93°F in July)
  • Jazan, Saudi Arabia (33°C / 91°F in June)
  • Al Kufrah, Libya (31°C / 87°F in July)
  • Alice Springs, Australia (29°C / 84°F in January)
  • Tamanrasset, Algeria (29°C / 84°F in June)

Ten wettest places on Earth

Wettest places on Earth based on average annual precipitation »

  • Mawsynram, India (11,871 mm / 467.4 inches annual precipitation)
  • Cherrapunji, India (11,777 mm / 463.7 in)
  • Tutunendo, Colombia (11,770 mm  / 463.4 in)
  • Cropp River, New Zealand (11,516 mm / 453.4 in)
  • San Antonia de Ureca, Equatorial Guinea (10,450 mm  / 411.4 in)
  • Debundsha, Cameroon (10,299 mm  / 405.5 in)
  • Big Bog, Hawaii (10,272 mm / 404.4 in)
  • Mt Waialeale, Hawaii (9,763 mm / 384.4 in)
  • Kukui, Hawaii (9,293 mm / 365.9 in)
  • Emeishan, China (8,169 mm / 321.6 in)

Tropical Storm Florence forecast to become a major hurricane as it approaches the US east coast

Tropical Storm Florence is quickly approaching the eastern United States, and according to the National Hurricane Center, the storm’s threat to the East Coast keeps rising. The storm is traveling over warm water and is expected to increase its speed and become a hurricane by Saturday night.

The National Hurricane Center forecasts Florence will be a dangerous major hurricane near the southeastern U.S. coast by late next week, “and the risk of direct impacts continues to increase.”

More at NPR, National Hurricane Center

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