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4×4 Trail from Merzouga to Sidi Ali in Morocco

From A2A Expedition:

We take a 4×4 trail from Merzouga through the Sahara desert to Sidi Ali and then onto Tinghir. It was a dusty, long but fantastic trail!

Watch: Overlanding From Chefchaouen To The Merzouga Desert

From: A2A Expedition:

We do a quick round trip from Chefchaouen through to Fez via the Blue Springs Oasis to Merzouga in Morocco.

Watch: A Tour Of Chefchaouen “The Blue City” In Morocco

From A2A Expedition:

We spent five weeks in Chefchaouen, camped with our Land Rover while waiting for our clutch to arrive and be cleared by customs.

Australiansโ€™ top adventure destinations

The inaugural Intrepid Adventure Indexย contains current information and researchย examining topics such as top destinationsย for Australian travellers, how Aussies define adventure travel, trends in the travel market, ย and even a handy infographic on getting bang for your buck around the world.

The top destinations for Australian adventurers:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Peru
  3. India
  4. Cambodia
  5. Morocco
  6. Cuba
  7. Italy
  8. Nepal
  9. Mexico
  10. Ecuador

Read moreย on the Intrepid site.

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Follow Dan Grec of The Road Chose Me as he starts his overland adventure through Africa, as he takes the ferry from Spain to Morocco.

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