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Follow Tristan Ridley on his Quest to Ride His Bike Around The World

Adventurerย Tristan Ridley is on a quest to ride his bike around the world. But unlike many other riders with that same goal, Tristan isn’t in a race against time. In fact, his circumnavigation will take as much as five years, over 100,000 kms, and travel through more than 100 countries.


Ep. 2 – Bicycle touring and bikepacking through Norway in May 2018

Ep. 3 – The Jordan Trail, from Amman to Aqaba

Ep. 4 – Surviving Ethiopia


42 Landlocked Countries

Landlocked countries shown in Green. Double landlocked are shown in Purple

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Watch: People of the Delta – Ethiopiaโ€™s Lower Omo Valley

Joey L writes:

For centuries, Ethiopiaโ€™s Lower Omo Valley has been a crossroads for many distinct tribes. During times of drought, natural resources become scarce, escalating clashes between groups. In an ever-changing landscape, young men and women come of age in an unfamiliar time.

The story is narrated from two unique perspectives. Uri- a young boy from the Hamar tribe who becomes a man during his rite of passage ceremony, and Segelgwo- an elder chief of the Daasanach, who reflects on his communityโ€™s uncertain future.

Watch: Land of Extremes Ethiopia – BBC Documentary

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